“Is My Body Being Colonized?”: an attitude on Interracial Dating

“Is My Body Being Colonized?”: an attitude on Interracial Dating

From frozen yogurt to Taylor Swift, whiteness has invaded every aspect of your life. Just how does it impact dating as an individual of color?



In her own 2016 stand-up special “Baby Cobra”, Ali Wong states, “Nothing makes me feel stronger than whenever a dude that is white my pussy.” For Wong, who’s half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese, it will make her feel just like she’s “absorbing all that privilege and entitlement.” Plus, it can help that the person is within this kind of position that is vulnerable. “I’m like, she says‘ I could just crush your head at any moment, white man. “Colonize the colonizer, you realize!”

The bit called in your thoughts one thing we heard at an AGO occasion on “Love, Intercourse & Romance.” Through the Q&A percentage of a visitor lecture, an Asian girl asked, “How do I balance the reality that my boyfriend is white, and therefore each time we now have intercourse he could be colonizing my own body?” My first instinct would be to laugh, however the audience just murmured and slam-poetry snapped in contract.

In my experience, the more expensive characteristics behind that concern had been obvious sufficient. But I was thinking of colonization inside a relationship much more of a tale, nearer to good stand-up versus an argument that is serious. It is here any merit to the concept? Can figures actually be colonized? If therefore, does which means that white individuals are colonizing their non-white lovers?

As explained in nationwide Geographic , colonization “occurs whenever one country subjugates another, conquering its populace and exploiting it, usually while forcing its language that is own and values upon its individuals.” For examples, look up European history.

What exactly about figures? In a bit for the Huffington Post, Vania Phiditis contends that women’s systems are colonized through capitalism while the patriarchy, which feed them some ideas which are oppressive and counterintuitive with their requirements and greatest passions. In solely ideological terms, a human anatomy may be colonized similar to a country.


Now, whenever you use this type of thinking to a relationship that is interracial it does not precisely endure. At the least in a roundabout way. If you’re Black, Indigenous, or perhaps a Person of Colour (BIPOC), dating a white individual doesn’t suggest you’re immediately being subjugated to your forces of whiteness. You’re most likely someone that is just dating likes quinoa and playing real criminal activity podcasts.

Exactly what Ali Wong’s stand-up and that random girl are becoming at is something that’s a tad bit more simple, yet acutely felt: white privilege.

I started dating a guy I’d had a crush on for years when I was 17. Let’s call him F. we fell so in love with F cast in stone, the method you will do whenever it is very first time. It had been exactly the same on their end. We thought we had been likely to marry one another.

F is white. I’m Chinese. About four months into our relationship, this conversation was had by us:

A screenshot of a discussion between me personally and my then-boyfriend. // THE UNDERGROUND

I’d like to state we split up following this trade, or so it at the very least changed into a conversation by what not to imply to your Asian girlfriend—or anybody, for instance. Rather We always been frustrated with him, after which apologized livelinks profile search for maybe perhaps not being more flattered. He stated he had been being silly, but reading it over now, it is actually not too funny.

Because of this white kid, my non-whiteness had been exciting into the most tokenizing means. I happened to be an accomplishment for him, a real method to “rebel” resistant to the homogeneity of their lineage. Which, if you’ll notice, he had been nevertheless pretty pleased with. If which wasn’t uncomfortable enough, he hit me personally with all the all-too familiar blended infants are sweet rhetoric. Many individuals of color will recognize this being a backhanded match. “Don’t you understand that adding white to your competition causes it to be better?”

It’s often to point out how it fuels and derives from systemic racism when we talk about white privilege. You may think about white individuals having the ability to protest up against the authorities while unarmed Ebony folks are shot by them. Or perhaps you might think of issues of discrimination within the workplace and wealth inequality .

They are all essential areas of white privilege to take into account. Within the context of relationships, but, white privilege could be more intimate and unsettling than one might think.

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